Month: June 2019

Why people don’t save for retirement | Credits

Why don’t people save for retirement? Saving for old age is not a topic that interests a lot. The reasons? There may be several, but among the most common are the lack of interest or perspective of the future. Here we leave you with the most common reasons that Mexicans have found a barrier to […]

Borrow money quickly without BKR without SMS

Do you want to take out a loan but don’t want to wait for an SMS? Borrowing money without bkr without texting is easy to arrange so that you can get money quickly! Getting a loan is not very easy in these times of economic crisis and banks are increasingly failing. Not only individuals are […]

Low interest rate: have your home loan revision now revised

Even those who took out a very expensive credit about six years ago, and paid interest for that above five percent, do gold business with such a credit revision, despite all the additional costs. Immotheker calculated that a revision of a mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate above 4.53 percent is still very rewarding. […]