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Shadowrun Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

If you were to search for the best SNES games out there, the game “Shadowrun” will always pop up. What is Shadowrun? Shadowrun Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is actually a video game adaptation of a famous tabletop game of the same name. The story revolves around Jake Armitage. The year was 2050 […]

Nintendo 3DS players

CHANGE FROM DS TO 3DS In addition to the latest 3D games arising exclusively developed for the Nintendo 3DS; you may also delight in your popular game titles from the DS. The Depth Slider located on the right hand side on the monitor may be altered in order to select if you should change to […]

New consoles from Nintendo

A New Phase for Nintendo Handheld Game Consoles   The choices for handheld consoles these days are wide-scaled and choosing the right one for you is detrimental. Nintendo has been around since 1889, grew with the times, and have since developed new handheld consoles with different features to cater to players’ specific preference. Nintendo has […]