D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera

When a person doesn’t know which product to buy, they always turn to the brand that has the most fanfare and buzz.

In the case of IP cameras, D-Link is a manufacturer you can trust. They have created a lot of IP cameras in the past that are not only affordable but they are also packed with a lot of features as well.

In this article, I will talk about the D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera. This is one of their affordable IP cameras but do not be fooled with its inexpensiveness as this product is rich in features.

First off, the D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera has a maximum supported resolution of 1280×720. This is what is considered to be the standard “HD” resolution.

Although IP cameras that support 1080p are now common in the market, the slightly lower resolution of this IP camera warrants its asking price.

Even though it only supports HD Resolution, in most cases, 720p is actually the preferred choice as it is not only clear in its quality but it is also not hefty on the file size.

The D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera also makes use of a microSDXC card so that you can store footage directly on that storage medium.

It can support up to 128GB and it is pretty much okay for the most part. You can store hours upon hours of footage before you have to delete the old ones.

I also prefer having a microSDXC card because if you place this IP camera somewhere that is hard to reach, perpetrators will not be able to get a hold of the footage.

The D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera comes with a placeholder and a mount so that you can have different options with the installation of this device.

You can place it on top of a desk if you want to secure your home or you can event mount this outdoors to gain a great view of your premises.

Please note that the D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera’s lens is fixed and cannot be made to look at another direction. Even though this may be the case, thankfully, this IP camera has a wide-angle lens capable of looking at a 120-degree angle.

You also have two choices when it comes to connectivity. You can wire this up using an Ethernet cable or you can make use of your router’s WiFi connection.

This IP camera, along with other D-Link IP cameras, can be set up using D-Link’s IP camera companion app.

Their app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple app store. Once downloaded, you can then just scan the QR code that is present at the bottom of the IP camera and you can then set it up from there.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera also comes with common IP camera niceties such as sound and motion detection features, Night vision of up to 12 feet, and you can also remotely view the live feed of the IP camera from the companion app.

The D-Link DCS-936L HD IP Camera is an impressive IP camera that is not only inexpensive but packed with great features for the money as well.

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