Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy is one of the best RPG game franchises of all time. That is no surprise considering that just recently, Steam has been re-releasing some old Final Fantasy games.

The most recent Final Fantasy game to be re-released was Final Fantasy X. Originally released on the Playstation 2, Final Fantasy X can now be played on the PC.

The story of the game revolves around Tidus. Tidus is an athlete in a fantasy sport called “Blitzball”. His father, Jecht, was a legendary Blitzball player, but Tidus doesn’t know much about his father at all.

Anyway, the game’s main setting is in the world of Spira. It is a huge world that consists of small tropical islands. In these islands, there is a mixture of other races as well.

These races are the Al Bhed, a group of humans that have advanced technology at their disposal; the Guado, a humanoid that has arboreal features; the Ronso, which is a lion-like race, and the Hypelio, a frog-like race.

The story begins in Tidus’ homeland called Zanarkand. During a Blitzball tournament, a huge creature came and ravaged the land.

One main character, Auron, arrived in Zanarkand and tells Tidus that the creature is none other than “Sin” himself.

After escaping Zanarkand, Tidus finds himself in an Al Bhed village where he finds Rikku, another party member. During another abrupt “Sin” attack, Tidus gets separated with Rikku and then finds Wakka, a captain of a local Blitzball team and one of the main characters in the story.

During the course of the game, Tidus will find other main characters such as Lulu, Yuna, and Kimahri. All of them joins Tidus not only because they want to stop “Sin” but also because of their own desires and own motives.

Final Fantasy X, much like other Final Fantasy games, has a turn-based battle system. There are notable differences, though. For one, players are now presented with a huge, interconnected map.

What I mean by this is that previous Final Fantasy games allow players to explore the vast world they’re in because they are able to explore the world map.

But in Final Fantasy X, you’re only presented with one huge area where you need to traverse by foot.

When you encounter a random battle, you will be presented with a turn-based interface. You need to wait for the character’s “time bar” first before you can execute any commands.

Furthermore, you will only control 3 characters at a time. Don’t worry, there is a new system in play. During the course of the battle, you can actively choose another party member that is not currently on the battlefield.

You can summon them and have them replace one character in the field, thus, giving you full control of that character and his abilities.

One major addition of Final Fantasy X is the introduction of the Sphere Grid. The Sphere Grid allows players to give specific stats and bonuses depending on which grid route they’re going to choose.

Every player starts somewhere in the grid, therefore, they have different starting stats. But if you want to keep them almost the same, you can pretty much do so.

Final Fantasy X is one of the most popular Final Fantasy games of all time. So, if you have a computer, be sure to download the PC version available on Steam today.

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